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behind our vision.

We are a single source of truth for artist data transparency
and art investment research.


Transparency similar to traditional financial markets, plus a direct investment into the artist's career with every purchase.


Data is necessary for markets to grow, so we are committed to providing you everything you need in one place.

Revenue Share

Artwork carries a fixed % of revenue share in that artist’s career. This provides income while you hold through the artist’s career.


Our platform makes it easy for both investors and artist to manage their portfolio in one place.


Effortless white
glove shipping
or storage options.


We take a 20% fee on artist primary sales. In the secondary market, a 5% royalty will be paid to the artist and LEX.art each.

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Frequently asked

Questions on your mind? Explore our FAQs for insights into our
process, offerings, and how we’re revolutionizing the art market.

How does transparency work?

All artists on platform are required to provide all past sales data, future sales data, revenue generation, relevant information, and finally provide redacted top line tax forms to verify at year end. We make it easy for artist to provide info and are committed to supporting them in their business growth.

Why use a revenue share agreement?

The revenue share model protects the artist’s creative direction as investors only have a right to cashflow and no voting power.

Can I sell my revenue share agreement or artwork separate form one another?

No, the artwork and revenue share agreement are forever bonded. This is done to improve liquidity in the artist’s body of work, introduce some objective valuation, while also helping the price valuation of the physical artworks.

How does revenue share work?

Periodically, the artist will payout to all investors based on their fixed % and purchase time. This revenue comes from art sales on LEX.art, other art sales off of LEX.art platform, licensing, copyright, and any other revenue generating activities the artist does. Think of the artist similar to any ordinary business and the revenue share is on all revenue generated by the artist.

Who manages the Sales?

LEX.art manages all sales from our artist partners.

How are prices set?

LEX.art sets the price of primary (first time) art sales via market awareness, demand, and artist growth rates.

What is the financial instrument used?

Currently, we are using a separate LLC for each artist, this acts as their investment vehicle. Investors get a share of this LLC and revenue is distributed form this LLC.

Can investors sell at anytime?

In the primary market when an investor buys a new art work from the artist there is a 1 year lockup period imposed by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Anytime after that you are free to sell on the platform.